The Haptic Library

Image Texture/Perception-Based Haptic Model Assignment to 3D Mesh (2012.09-current)

Researchers: Waseem Hassan, Arsen Abdulali, and Seokhee Jeon 

As the lack of haptic contents is one of the limitations of current haptics technology, this research aims at developing a hardware and software framework for efficient haptic model building based on actual measurement data. In this work, we develop and integrate data-driven haptic contents modeling methods for stiffness, friction, and surface texture, and construct “The Haptic Library.” Then, we seek for new perception and image-based techniques to automatically assign the acquired models into 3D mesh models.

The Haptic Library consists of One hundred textures from everyday life. These are the textures which are commonly encountered during daily life interactions. A list of all the textures can be found here.

The Haptic Library is  mainly divided into three sub-categories:

  1. Haptic Texture Library
  2. Haptic Stiffness Library
  3. Haptic Friction Library

To download all the Haptic Libraries, click here.

To download the code for automatic assignment algorithm, click here.

This research is a part of Global Frontier project funded by NRF Korea.